Capernwray Torchbearers Queensland: Strangish name... but what does it mean?

The ministry was started in a place in England called Capernwray.

The first Bible students at Capernwray Hall nicknamed themselves 'Torchbearers'.

As the ministry spread around the world some people wanted to hold conferences here in Queensland (in 1988).

Arguably the strangest word of the three is 'Queensland' :)

Why do we do this?

We do this as we are called to share the good news of what God in Jesus Christ has done for us.

We do this to support local churches & encourage individuals by proclaiming & explaining the crucial (but often missed) message of... "Christ in you, the hope of glory" - Col 1:27.

You know, so many of us go through life not understanding that Jesus rose from the dead so that He could live His life in you, and live out His life through you - right now - each and every moment of each and every day. The glory is the evidence of His presence in our lives. This isn't rocket science - but many churches seem to gloss over it or completely pass it by.

So, if you've been born again in Christ, you're a new creation, have a whole new identity, and Jesus is now alive and living within you! We want to teach you more about that - more about life in Christ - more about the hope we share together - more, more, more! And if you haven't yet accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord & Saviour (we heartily recommend it!), what we do is for you as well.

Now, the lowdown...

It's a bit long, but not longwinded :)

Capernwray Torchbearers is an international, interdenominational Christian organisation engaged in evangelism and Bible teaching. Founded in England by Major Ian Thomas shortly after WW2, the work has developed to include Bible Schools and Conference Centres all around the world including Australia.

Capernwray Torchbearers Queensland is a subsidiary of Capernwray Torchbearers Australia Ltd & part of the international Capernwray Missionary Fellowship of Torchbearers.

Capernwray Torchbearers is not a church. It's a mainstream Christian ministry supporting local churches by teaching & training people predominantly through conferences & Bible schools, both in Australia & overseas.

Capernwray Torchbearers is supported by all mainstream denominations, though it is not affiliated with any one in particular.

Major Ian Thomas spent much time ministering abroad as an evangelist. As a result, Capernwray Torchbearers has always been outwardly focused.

The verse at the very heart of the ministry continues to be Colossians 1:27 "Christ in you, the hope of glory". Much of what is taught at our conferences & Bible schools revolves around this major tenant of faith - that Jesus not only died for our sins in our place but rose again to live His resurrected life in us & through us through the Holy Spirit each & every day - the ongoing process of restoring the glory of God in mankind. It is surprising how may people do not understand the practical implications & application of this.

Our speakers often work at one of our international centres, or have done so over the years. They are committed Christians with many years experience in Bible teaching. Many travel the globe yearly speaking to hundreds & thousands of people. We are thankful for those who make themselves available to speak at our conferences & Bible school here in Australia.

So where does Queensland fit in?

Directly above NSW & below the Torres Strait :)

Capernwray Torchbearers Queensland (Capernwray Qld) is part of the regional ministry of Capernwray Torchbearers Australia. Since 1988 Capernwray Qld has held regular Bible-based, Christ-centred conferences throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales. Our vision is to see others come to know Christ in a personal relationship and be transformed and excited with the reality of His indwelling Life. We believe that Christ in us (Gal 2:19-20, Col 1:27) is the Christian life made available to every Christian and that Christ is totally sufficient in every situation for a life of Godliness as we surrender ourselves and trust in Him.

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for others to grow in Christ by enjoying and meeting with national and international speakers as they share their experiences of the Christian life.

Flowing on from this we have an extensive "tape" ministry supplying DVDs, CDs, cassettes & books of speakers Australia-wide. Run by a group of passionate volunteers, Capernwray Qld has impacted thousands of lives with the message of "Christ in you, the hope of glory" (Col 1:27).

Capernwray Torchbearers Queensland enjoys providing a platform for international & local speakers to share their personal experiences of Christian living. At all our events you will enjoy challenging Bible teaching presented with clarity, sensitivity & Christian love, along with great music & fellowship.

We'd love to be able to assist you in your faith journey. We invite to join us for a conference, attend an event, enrol in our Bible school (all-ages) in NSW, or to order books, DVDs or CDs.

Do you have any other questions?

Who doesn't? Go to our Contacts page and ask the right person. If you're unsure, ask Alasdair & Karen Drew. That's what I do.



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